Katahdin are a breed of hair sheep (no wool) developed in the United States. The Katahdin breed originated in the 1950’s at the Piel Farm in north central Maine where Michael Piel was an innovator who enjoyed raising livestock. He sought a better breed of all-American sheep for the table. The resulting breed was named for Mt. Katahdin, the tallest mountain in Maine.

Katahdin are lean lambs with an excellent mild flavor. We have found that these lambs thrive on the special combination of warm and cool season grasses available here in Middle Tennessee.

Pasture Raised and Grass Fed – Our lambs are never confined in feedlots or fed grain. They are raised the way nature intended them to be – on their mothers’ milk and the fresh green grass of the open pasture. Studies show that meat from grass-fed animals contains more of the health-promoting Omega-3’s and less of the detrimental Omega-6 fatty acids than meat produced by the feedlot and grain system.

All Natural – Our lambs are never given hormones or feed laden with antibiotic additives. They are born in early spring and spend the spring, summer and fall moving through our 18-paddock rotational grazing system. This system gives the lambs and their mothers a fresh supply of new grass throughout the spring, summer and fall. This sustainable farming technique is good for the sheep and good for the earth, benefitting wildlife, the watershed and the health of our local ecosystem. The lambs are harvested in the fall, and the process begins again.